Website Redesign Mistakes that Destroys SEO Strategy

Do you want to grow your website design Malaysia brand’s online presence? Then, consider redesigning your website once in a while. It is a crucial aspect of digital marketing that can make a positive difference in your online reputation. One single mistake can result to undesirable consequences.

If you think you need some guidance, read on. Here is a list of some website redesign mistakes made by some professionals.

Arbitrarily Changing Photo Names on Web Pages with Good Ranking

If your page already has a good ranking, changing image names on that specific page may result to the loss of that ranking. Don’t take that important piece of content that Google and other search engines utilize to determine whether a specific page must rank.

Changing Web Page URLs and Deleting Pages Without Redirecting Any of Them


After a meticulous redesign, some web pages would no longer be necessary. Less experienced website designers would simply remove them. Other web pages can be removed, however, in some instances, changes in URL would be crucial. Simply removing pages without double checking is a mistake. What if some visitors bookmarked them?

Leaving the Web Development Environment Indexable and Crawlable

Be careful about uploading duplicate posts. In general, search engines follow links, and then index the posts they find. Uploading two versions will make them index both of them, creating issues with links and content.

Failure to Perform a Full Crawl After Migration To and From the Web Development Environment

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After a website redesign, you’re bound to encounter some errors, no matter what migration method you implemented. Make sure to review the links to all external sources after your new website has been migrated to the live server.

Failure to Perform a Complete Function Check

After migrating a redesigned website to the live server, a certain review should be made. If possible, test everything physically, and make sure every detail appears and functions properly.

Failure to Focus on the Appropriate Details

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By focusing on the most important details, you can prevent many mistakes. Just be aware of possible errors, and then implement a strategy to avoid them.