Are there too many cats and dogs in the world?

According to research, there are more dogs than cats owned by the Americans. However, do you know that there are so many interactive mobile apps developed for your pets? Yes, they have the right to have some fun too. However, you may find many scary possibilities. Whether you are looking for a game tablet for your pets or the first aid app for your pets, you should check these useful apps for you and your furry family member. These apps are all free on both Google Play and App Store so there you go no excuses for not downloading and using the apps.

  1. Dog Walk app is an exercise tracker for walking your dog by using the GPS phone sensor to track the path, the distance and time and it will display on the map. Users can also take pictures and save it from on the app, and they can also log where their dogs observe natural calls along the way. Users can view their dog walking track record, share them with friends and family, or use them to capture the activity of their dogs.
  2. The next app is the ASPCA Pet Safety. ASPCA Pet Safety is an app that aims to help pets owners to plan their pets safety, especially if there are an emergency and disaster. This app presents the tool for precautionary and readiness, suggestions on how to find a missing pet immediately after an emergency and a tool for storing pet info or making lost pet kits.
  3. The Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross is a good guide and have basic knowledge guide for pets owners. This app provides users with easy first aid lessons, step-by-step guides and how-to videos. The configurable pet profile can be used as a place to store information and details about your veterinary.
  4. Dog Buddy is an application of health logs that help you keep your dog’s health and fitness on track. It is a must-have app to store your dog’s medical journal needs, treatments, vaccination schedule, and other information you need to keep your little friend healthy and happy. It is very user-friendly where users can also keep track of their dog’s weight, record journals, your dog’s milestones, save photos, store your dog’s data, veterinary contact details, schedule medicines and many more. However, this app is only available for iOS users.
  5. The last app is the Friskies Cat Fishing & Jitterbug. This game is suitable for your feline members to play with. Basically, it is an exciting game where your cats can practice catching bugs or fish with their cute paws in the virtual pond on your tablets or smartphones.