In this modern era where technology and software has been developing at a fast pace, working from home is nothing unheard of. Check out mlm software malaysia if you are interested in software development. In the past, people who enjoyed working on their own or did not want to work in the office would opt for this. Working from home lets them finish their tasks in the comfort of their home. If you are an introvert, perhaps this could be something you would be comfortable doing. Nowadays, however, working from home has become very common due to the pandemic in the country. COVID-19 has caused MCO (Movement Control Order) to be implemented, making it hard for people to go out for work. Many companies need to monitor their employees performing their tasks where they will all be working from home. This means that more and more people are getting used to this style of working these days. It is very beneficial for the companies as they don’t have to stop their company’s work progress with this option.

However, it is clear that there are also disadvantages to working from home.

Causes Stress And Depression

The first disadvantage is that working from home can cause the employees to be stressed. This is not surprising as they have to adapt to a different working style and environment. Some people find it hard to work in their house as they feel uncomfortable without their usual setting. Besides, some people might not be able to keep up with others in getting used to the changes. People might find changes to be stressful as they wish to work in the office as usual and surrounded by their colleagues. This issue should not be underestimated as there have been cases where employees come out with depression due to the changes to their routines. If left unchecked, their work performance could be affected and it could cause problems to the company.

Internet Connection Problems

Another disadvantage is that internet connection problems could cause interference to the employee’s work. For example, it might be a problem for the employee if they cannot join the important meetings as they have unstable Internet connection. They would be kept out of the loop and miss any updates about their tasks. Besides affecting their work performance, it could also cause miscommunication and destroy the flow of the team’s projects. It is true that they should be fast to fix their issues with Internet connection at their home once it occurs, but it could take some time. This means that they have to make do with their Internet connection and their work would be difficult to accomplish at that time.

Difficult Home Situation

Working from home could also be disadvantageous as those with difficult home situations would not be comfortable doing so. Some people live with a big family which means that their house tends to be very noisy and distracting. Working from home would be a torture since they can’t find a quite space to do their work and could be distracted from the television or family members. Their home situation is not suitable for them to work from home, and it is possible that other places like the library could be closed during the pandemic. 

Last Words

All in all, it is clear now that there are indeed disadvantages to working from home. Hence, everyone should do their best in adapting to this working style or ask for help if you encounter some issues regarding this.