Some Designs Will Work For Your App, Some Won’t

Are you planning on hiring a couple of app designers and redesigning your E-Commerce app, and using the grid view? Grid views are considered as alternatives to standard list views. It displays your app content on multiple columns of cells.

Content In Tiles

Grid view shows your product images without tons of extra information . Usually, the only detail at the shop the visitor can view is the product’s price and name.

Scanning Pattern

Grid view can provide people with an interruptive scanning layout, making it effective for visual comprehension, as well as differentiating between various data types.

Decision Making

Users mainly depend on the photos to make selections. This is the reason why the grid view format is great for similar products.

Scrolling Direction

Grid views usually scroll only in a vertical manner. Scrolling grids horizontally are highly discouraged, since scrolling interferes with the typical reading patterns that can impact comprehension.

Lists vs. Grid View

What content layout should you pick for your products? Should you implement a grid view or list view? This choice can impact how easy and quick it is for people to look for the information they need.

List views and grid views are separate structures for highlighting various data types. Grid views focus on photos over text, while lists focus text over images.


  • When selecting between grid view and list view, you can follow this simple rule: Images in grids, and details in lists. Everything should be aligned on the factors most valuable to your users.
  • Users can scroll far down a page if the format encourages scanning. The viewable details make them believe that it’ll be worth to scroll.
  • An image is worth a thousand words. Through grid view, high-quality photos are important for sales. Showcase more product images as you scroll.


What is it that people want to see on your mobile app? What kind of information do they need, and in what kind of layout would they appreciate it? Research on this, so you can influence their buying decisions.