Medical industry is one of the most important industries in the world. Without the healthcare system, everyone is going to be sick for the rest of their lives. No findings on any disease, no medications, no treatments and no nothing.


We need at least a medical doctor in one area to educate the society in terms of health. But the doctors are human too. They need people to help them to do the extra workload such as taking vital signs, charting and handling the machine.

The people that will be helping the doctors are medical assistants. Medical assistants are very important not just for the doctors but also for the patients and families.

The main importance of medical assistants in the industry is first, medical assistants are the first point of contact. This means, they are the first person the patients and caretakers will meet and tell some details of their problems. Medical assistants will always be very warm and welcoming to make sure the patients are comfortable with the surroundings.

Medical assistants also record critical information that doctors need to make rapid and accurate diagnoses, such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry, and more. They may also be in charge of updating the patient’s chart with medical history and information from the visit.

Next, the medical assistant is the backbone of the healthcare industry as they get into details with what they do. They deal with the patients’ data, symptoms, disease and even their health insurance. In a situation where the patient is not very clear with the doctor’s statement, the medical assistant will help to explain it to the patient in a simpler way.

They are also the people who will advocate for the patients. Sometimes there are small details that they forgot to tell the doctors but when they talk with the medical assistant they mention the details. This is very important to make sure that the medicine prescription or treatment is suitable with the patients’ condition.

Other than that, medical assistants will also help healthcare to run smoothly. From administrative assistant to clinical assistant, everyone will have their specialized tasks. Medical assistant who specializes in administration, they will be the one who will be picking up calls from the patients, making an appointment and the billing. It is very important to have people to specialize in this because they can keep the data in the system and ease the doctors and patients in any other situation.

The clinical medical assistant will usually take blood samples, take vital signs of the patients and also educate the patients and their families about medication and any special diets to get into a healthy lifestyle.

In order to be a medical assistant at any hospitals, clinics or health organisations, one will have to take a medical assistant course in Malaysia to get at least a diploma in this field. If you want to have better jobs in the future, you can also specialize in any majors for your degree. Everyone is welcomed to be in this field and help the healthcare industry to become better.