Is it better when you are given so many choices? Honestly, no it isn’t. When there are plenty of options to choose from, you are instantly bombarded with all of these advertisements about their supposed features and why they stand out above the rest.

One could easily get bombarded with a lot of messages from some of the best web hosting companies out there and there might be even some from startups as well.

In today’s article, I will go over the types of hosting services that you need to be aware of so that you can decide for yourself which one you should ultimately choose.

Shared Hosting

This is probably the most common type of web host service out there. To fully understand the concept of hosting services, you have to understand what they do. To briefly touch on the topic, a web hosting service provider will have so many server computers that are able to serve plenty of websites.

That being said, shared hosting is pretty much like that. On one server, there will be multiple websites that are on that at any given moment. Although this is the cheapest type of service you’re going to get, this is also the least favorable for websites that want a more professional service.

You see, a server computer only has a limited number of resources and that scare resource are shared with plenty of websites in the server.

On top of that, security is also the least effective in this setup, given that when a particular website uses a vulnerability, it could potentially affect your website as well since it is housed in the same server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Whereas shared hosting houses many websites on a single server, a dedicated server is just that- a single entity on a single server.

For instance, if 100 websites can be hosted via a shared hosting service, a dedicated hosting service would mean that you will be the sole owner of a server and the price will reflect that.

Getting this type of service is quite expensive and in most cases, only huge businesses or websites that have a lot of traffic will be able to afford this. Though, you get the best performance out of the bunch.

Virtual Private Server

VPS Hosting shares the best of both worlds (shared and dedicated). You will be given your own dedicated space, albeit on a virtual platform. What I mean to say is that this particular service makes use of a virtual machine that will allocate specific resources for your website to use, but such space will be occupied on a shared server.

Because this is the best of both worlds, the disadvantages are also the same as the ones previously mentioned.

Scalable Could-Based VPS Hosting

The problem with the above-mentioned services is that they are usually confined in one server which puts a tremendous strain when your website happens to gain a lot of site visitors. There is only so much a single server can handle. That is where a cloud hosting solution comes in.

The term “cloud”, when used in this context, refers to a cluster of different server computers, pooling their resources together to provide the service that is needed by the websites.

This tends to be the perfect solution for people who are having trouble with server issues. Just remember that this is one of the more expensive options out there.

Managed Hosting

Running a website and managing it as well requires tremendous amounts of time and effort to do. If you do not know the technicalities of a website (especially in terms of backend processes), then a managed hosting plan is for you.

Simply put, managed hosting services are those that are able to provide proactive technical support when needed by the client. This is perfect for business solutions and people who are not tech savvy enough to run a complete website on their own.