Are you thinking of starting your own online business? If yes, chances are, you need to familiarize yourself with the web hosting industry. A website hosting service allows bloggers and business owners to make their own web pages accessible online. The company providing server space and internet connectivity is called a website host.

Choosing among the best web hosting companies in Malaysia is not easy. Here are some simple tips to help you look for the best web hosting company.

Web hosting Package

Many agencies would try to capture your attention through their affordable price, and attractive hosting packages. The easiest way to figure out which package you need? Contemplate on your requirements and needs. If you feel that your business would expand very soon, then go for a hosting service that can provide you with more space.

Accessibility and Speed

In any business website, accessibility and speed are crucial factors. Thus, when looking for a web hosting company, see to it that it delivers an uptime of more than 99%. This would ensure that any person visiting your page won’t be disappointed.


Bandwidth is also another essential determinant in selecting the best web host. Basically, you need bandwidth to enable smooth data transfer. It is something that also increases as your business expands. Taking this into consideration, check if the hosting service you are aiming for would be able to give you the bandwidth you need later on. Moreover, you should ascertain the bandwidth cost at the outset before entering an agreement with an agency.

Customer Service

When looking for a web hosting company, it’s crucial to keep customer service at the top of your mind. If your web pages are not running fine, every passing minute can mean a huge loss for you. Whichever web hosting package and service you pick, their team must be able to attend to your problems 24/7.


Several people base their decisions of choosing a web host on pricing factor. Keep in mind that this is not a prudent way of managing things. If you are just starting out, it’s fine to settle for free hosting. However, if you are determined for success, and has a serious professional endeavor, it makes perfect sense to settle for dedicated servers.