Improving your performance in the bedroom would require you to have a healthy body. That being said, it can be achieved in a variety of ways, including eating balanced meals, taking libido boosters, and of course, doing some regular exercises. There are certain exercises that target specific muscle groups and there are also known to indirectly improve your sexual performance. Are you curious as to what these exercises are? Read further to find out.

Double Leg Raise

Kegel exercises are exercises that can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. For those of you who do not know, these muscles are responsible for controlling your urination or ejaculation by contracting whenever you secrete fluids from your penis. A double leg raise is essentially part of a Kegel repertoire, but what I love about this particular exercise is that it actually involves more movement. Aside from that, the double leg raise can hit a lot of different muscles that can improve your sexual performance, such as your lower back, lower ab muscles, and your PC muscles as well.

Bear Crawls

Men would really love to perform this exercise mainly because they are usually on top of things (ahem, sex positions). That being said, this exercise would involve using your knees to move forward and backward and can help improve your sexual stamina, strength, and endurance.


Although this is a predominantly stationary exercise, planks can help you build your core muscles in a variety of ways. The beauty of this exercise is that you can either have your arms planted on the ground (slightly bent) and you can also stretch your arms to also target your forearms as well (and thus, helping improve upper body strength).


Lunges are great for your legs and your lower body overall and this exercise can certainly improve your strength and flexibility as well. In fact, if you have already incorporated lunges in your daily routine, your flexibility will have improved dramatically already, priming you into doing some sexual positions that you were not able to do back then.

Upright Pelvic Tucks

This improves your glute muscles which are necessary for men to improve their thrusting capability. When performing the exercise, it is important that you do not pop your ass back before tucking as this can render the exercise ineffective.

Knee Tucks

As you can probably tell by now, there is a major emphasis on targeting your southern hemisphere simply because there are a lot of muscles at work during sex. That being said, knee tucks can help provide you with a much stronger lower back, thus increasing your sexual arousal and response.