Social Media Website Links

Using social media

Writers like you can surely benefit from simple social media buttons on web pages. A lot of successful authors have growing audiences on social media platforms, you make sure to include social channels in your strategy. You need to be everwhere, just choose where you want to be active.

Use your website to grow your email list.

Tell your audience that if they want to learn more about you and your writings, they should subscribe. This is an effective strategy when you are launching your next book, or getting feedbacks.

You should repost reviews from anywhere.

Your author website is the best place to republish reviews from various sources, from LinkedIn to Amazon. Don’t hesitate to fill your website pages with reviews and quotes.

Incorporate call-to-action buttons and statements.

A few captivating, attention-grabbing words can easily capture a reader’s attention. Don’t waste this opportunity. Call to actions can be just basic copies, but they are a crucial aspect of your strategy. Incorporate effective CTAs in your web design.

Make good use of the buy button.

“Buy” is an important keyword–the ultimate call to action you should never forget to incorporate. Once a visitor clicks on this, it’s payday for you.

Focus on everything about you.

Consider your website as your own Wikipedia page. It should include every detail about you and your writings, from your past works and credentials to your personal history (if there is). Let your readers connect with you.

Tell your audience where and when they can find you.

Do you have an upcoming event, like a book signing or lecture series? Are teaching somewhere, perhaps in the nearby university? These are great opportunities to connect with your every visitor. Invite them to attend, and let them know that their presence is very much appreciated.

Include a decent photo of yourself.

Who wouldn’t love to see the face behind the book? A professional headshot allows every visitor to connect well with you. A face is a powerful image. Introduce yourself to your readers by investing in quality photography.

Record a video message.

By recording a video message for your visitors, you are taking your website to the next level. Personally welcome them to your pages. You can end your short video material with a call-to-action.

Let your audience have a glimpse of your career progress.

Share your progress to all your visitors. Give them a reason to go back to your website. Surely, they would want to know your progress. This approach will make you more human, and more reachable.